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COVID-19 Relief Efforts
Providing drive-thru meals, diapers and other support

During this unprecedented health crisis, St. Louis County Library Foundation has worked with the library and community partners to assess the needs of our local families. The Foundation helped fund meal kits and weekend meals at nine branches during the pandemic, along with emergency diapers and period supply kits at four area branches. More than two million meals have been served to those in need. Over 10,000 free books, provided by the Foundation and its partners, are being distributed with meals to families to encourage kids to keep reading.

Summer Lunch at the Library
Food and fun for families

St. Louis County Library and Operation Food Search provide free lunches to kids each summer at select library branches. The Library Foundation takes the program further by sponsoring Pizza Fridays and weekend food packs for families in need.

Excel Adult High School
A second chance for a high school diploma

Excel Adult High School offers St. Louis residents aged 25 and older the chance to earn a high school diploma and career certificate, opening the door to new job opportunities. Actor Jon Hamm, a former teacher and St. Louis native, hosted a sold-out event that raised enough to fund 57 scholarships.
Graduated: 13 in 2018, 35 in 2019, 25 in 2020 and 23 in 2021.