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Mo Rocca being interviewed at an author event inside Library Headquarters (photo)

Student Lands Job with COHS Diploma

A recent Career Online High School graduate landed a new job as a Patient Care Technician in an area hospital. This graduate needed her high school diploma, which she received through COHS!

“This program has provided an opportunity for our patrons to not only gain a high school diploma but also sets them on a new pathway to success,” said Adult Literacy Coordinator, Ricqui Brooks.

This student, along with 22 others, have graduated this year despite the upheaval of the pandemic. There is no graduation ceremony planned for this year, but the St. Louis County Library hopes to have a socially distanced graduation ceremony this spring.

“The resiliency and determination of our COHS students astound me and I count it a blessing to witness their achievements during these challenging times,” said Brooks.

SLCL is still accepting applications and continues to enroll students in the program. If you are interested in financially supporting the COHS program, please contact the Manager of Development at 314-994-3300 ext. 2156 or by email