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Mo Rocca being interviewed at an author event inside Library Headquarters (photo)

SLCL Helps Older Adults Stay Connected During the Pandemic

St. Louis County Library is expanding the Digital Equity Initiative to help underserved older adults access technology and stay connected to loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting February 10, older adults who live in St. Louis County can apply to receive a GrandPad tablet for one year. GrandPad is a tablet designed to meet the needs of people over the age of 75. It comes preloaded with software and built-in 4G LTE service that allows users to access email, make phone calls, participate in video calls, take, send and receive photos, and access information over the internet. The tablets will be purchased using federal CARES Act funds; the program is part of the Digital Equity Initiative established by St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page in 2020. Eligible seniors must have a St. Louis County Library card and be a resident of St. Louis County. To learn more visit: