Laila Lalami

Virtual Author Series

Laila Lalami - book cover and author photoVideo premiere: October 19, 7:00 p.m. on
Laila Lalami, "Conditional Citizens: On Belonging in America"
Interview moderated by Anna Crosslin, President & CEO for the International Institute of St. Louis.
Presented in partnership with the International Institute of St. Louis
What does it mean to be American? In this starkly illuminating and impassioned book, Pulitzer Prize­­–finalist Laila Lalami recounts her unlikely journey from Moroccan immigrant to U.S. citizen, using it as a starting point for her exploration of the rights, liberties, and protections that are traditionally associated with American citizenship. Tapping into history, politics, and literature, she elucidates how accidents of birth—such as national origin, race, and gender—that once determined the boundaries of Americanness still cast their shadows today.
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