Glenn Adamson

Virtual Author Series

Glenn Adamson - book cover and color author photoVideo premiere: January 29, 7:00 p.m. on

Glenn Adamson, "Craft: An American History"
Co-hosted by Craft Alliance Center of Art & Design

Renowned historian Glenn Adamson presents a groundbreaking study of how artisans created America. Examine any phase of the nation's struggle to define itself, and artisans are there--from the silversmith Paul Revere and the revolutionary carpenters and blacksmiths who hurled tea into Boston Harbor, to today's “maker movement.” Artisanship has often been a site of resistance for oppressed people, such as enslaved African-Americans whose skilled labor might confer hard-won agency under bondage, or the Native American makers who adapted traditional arts into statements of modernity. As Adamson argues, these artisans' stories speak to our collective striving toward a more perfect union.

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