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Cynthia Branigan, "The Last Diving Horse in America: Rescuing Gamal and Other Animals--Lessons in Living and Loving"

Doc Carver’s High Diving Horses was one of the most popular acts on the Atlantic City Pier. Beginning in 1929, four times a day, seven days a week, a trained horse sailed forty feet through the air, plung­ing into a ten-foot-deep tank of water. Decades later, the act was shuttered, and Gamal, the last Atlantic City diving horse was placed on the auction block. Haunted by the act she’d seen as a child, Cynthia Branigan made the impulsive decision to out-bid the slaughterhouses. Branigan shares the magical story of how she and Gamal came to rescue each other--and how caring for Gamal led her to saving other animals and a surprising, but purposeful, life. 

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